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      • Together at the Table
        by Jeff Chu

        Gay Christian Network conference, January 2015

      • Growing Up Gay in the Church and What I Wish My Youth Pastor Had Known
        by Jeff Chu

        Progressive Youth Ministry conference, April 2014

      • A reading from and discussion of the reporting of “Does Jesus Really Love Me?”
        by Jeff Chu

        National Book Festival, September 2013

      • For One Gay Christian, a Search for Understanding While Hanging onto Faith
        Interview with Ray Suarez

        PBS NewsHour, June 21, 2013

        Author and journalist Jeff Chu joins Ray Suarez to talk about his personal journey coming to terms with being Christian and gay. [watch/read more here]

      • Does Jesus Really Love Me?
        Interview with Ben Kieffer

        River to River – Iowa Public Radio, June 4, 2013

        Where can you find community and acceptance if you are gay or lesbian and a deeply believing Christian? That’s the question journalist Jeff Chu asks in his new book “Does Jesus Really Love Me?: A Gay Christian’s Pilgrimage in Search of God in America.” [listen/read more here]

      • Does Jesus Really Love Me?
        Interview with Doug Fabrizio

        RadioWest – KUER, May 6, 2013

        Doug’s guest is journalist Jeff Chu, author of the book “Does Jesus Really Love Me?” Chu calls himself a gay Christian … He joins us to explain why he says we’re a country that wants to love, but is conflicted about how to do so. [listen/read more here]

      • What God Wants
        by Dan Savage

        The New York Times Sunday Book Review, April 14, 2013

        There were moments when I wanted to throw this book across the room. In fact, there were moments when I actually did throw it across the room. [read more here]

      • Does God Love Gay Christians?
        Interview with Alex Cohen

        Take Two – KPCC, April 1, 2013

        The first line of the traditional Sunday school song, “Jesus Loves Me,” goes: “Jesus loves me, this I know/for the Bible tells me so.” Writer Jeff Chu wanted to know the answer to a pivotal question inspired it: As a gay Christian, does Jesus love him? [listen/read more here]

      • Love Is the Higher Law
        by Jeff Chu

        Washington Post, March 26, 2013

        All eyes are on the Supreme Court this week as oral arguments take place in two of the year’s most anticipated cases, involving same-sex marriage in California and the federal Defense of Marriage Act. Pundits will parse the justices’ questions for clues. Churches will pray, and activists on both sides will rally.

        But whatever the court decides, it won’t matter. [read more here]

      • Jeff Chu: Does Jesus Really Love Me?
        Interview with Tom Gjelten

        The Diane Rehm Show, March 21, 2013

        As the push for marriage equality makes strides across the U.S., Christian congregations reacted in different ways. In a new book, a gay Christian journalist tells of his yearlong pilgrimage exploring the intersection of faith and homosexuality. [listen/read more here]

      • Reading God’s Mind
        by Frank Bruni

        New York Times, March 4, 2013

        Jeff Chu was married last September, on the lawn of a house on Cape Cod, against the backdrop of an ivy-covered fence. About 80 people came.

        His mother and father weren’t among them. [read more here]