“You’re a good little interviewer!”

– Senator John Warner




Making it WorkInc. 

June 2015

There is a growing number of adults on the autism spectrum who want to enter the workforce but can’t. Meet the entrepreneurs trying to solve the challenge.




His Fair Ladies | The New York Times Magazine

July 2014

In Andalusia, a lawyer teaches would-be beauty queens to express themselves.




Marcelo Rosenbaum | Fast Company

October 2012

Can the Brazilian designer who gained fame for creating glamorous nightclubs and shops use his skills and ideas to attack his country’s huge poverty problem?




What Would Jack Do? | Fast Company

December 2010/January 2011

Willow Creek, one of America’s biggest megachurches, trains evangelical leaders by turning to business.




Joint Venture | Fast Company

May 2010

How Admiral Mike Mullen, America’s top military officer, taps the business world to reshape strategy.




DWR: A Modern Mess | Fast Company

December 2009/January 2010

An investigation into the misdeeds and misfortunes of the furniture retailer Design Within Reach.




Rwanda Rising | Fast Company

April 2009

Inside the African nation’s risky, audacious, and unprecedented plan to pull itself out of poverty and wean itself off foreign aid.




The Iron Chancellor | Fast Company

September 2008

Can education reformer Michelle Rhee transform the woeful schools and navigate the tricky politics of Washington, DC?




The $3 Flight | Conde Nast Portfolio

October 2007

How Air Asia is converting bus riders into frequent flyers—and upending the airline business.




The Prosperity Gospel | Time

September 2006

Does God want you to be rich? To the dismay of mainstream theologians and Christian leaders, some Protestant evangelists—and a growing number of believers—say, “Yes!”




O Father, Where Art Thou? | Time

June 2003

In 1966, Time asked, “Is God dead?” Some in Europe today would say he is, but the truth is, you just won’t find faith in the same old places.




Singing the Walls Down | Time

February 2003

In repressive Zimbabwe, there aren’t many forms of protest left. The most promising, perhaps, is its music.




The Man With the Golden Run | Time

November 2002

The James Bond film franchise celebrates 40 years with Die Another Day. Behind the scenes with Pierce Brosnan’s 007 and his sexy foil, Halle Berry.




Top of the Pops | Time

March 2001

To meet the hitmaking man who puts words in Britney Spears’s mouth, you have to go to one of the nerve centers of American pop music today: Sweden.